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We're are tired of tribalism in the centre and left of politics. We will support whichever candidate—Labour, Lib Dem or Green—who has the best chance of victory. If you live in this constituency, please sign up to support and take part in the Primary.
Annie Mitchell
"I love living here in Newton Abbot: it’s beautiful to be between the sea and the moor, but it’s sad to know that many people here and beyond are feeling unheard, ignored and often desperate in their busy overstretched lives.

I’m a psychologist, grandmother and educator with a long career as a health professional in the NHS, working with children with disabilities, and with adults with long term illnesses.  I’m glad to be associated still with both our local universities of Exeter and Plymouth, where I’ve been a lecturer and associate professor, and still teach as a visiting expert, and where our students always inspire hope for the future.

My working life has shown me that we need a better and more involved political system. I see directly, as well as through all the research evidence, that our individual and community wellbeing depends on kindness, a healthy environment, good fair policies, a decent income, and a voice in what happens to us.

Let’s come together for change: our shared future depends on it. Together we can live much healthier, fairer and happier lives.”
“I was born in Exeter and ‘escaped’ to London  at 17, then the  Home Counties and then the heartwarming city of Hull.  A time of much learning often very painful (including court appearances), but coupled with amassing evening classes and W.E.A.and OU courses. A time of C.N.D marches and Greenham Common,  working in good and bad factories and a work camp in Germany.  This was a time of possibilities and optimism and although there were blips e.g. The Cuban Crisis, we felt in good hands with a Government of some experience.  I felt a part of a fair nation.

During my  mid 20’s with grants available and jobs easy to find, I continued  with my education and ended up in the lofty heights of Further Education lecturer and latterly a psychotherapist seeing clients primarily with stress or depression and relatively short termed needs within the NHS.  And 3 children.   Not unusual for an  11+ ‘failure’ at that time but probably very difficult in today's structures.

Now I’m more informed and riled by our political system and feel that something has to be done.We’re blessed with living in the West Country but that doesn’t mean we can ignore the millions who live in increasing poverty and debt.”
Simon Oldridge
Simon Oldridge
A former business consultant with Ernst & Young and then CEO of a major UK roof tile manufacturer, Simon now campaigns for science-led action on the climate & nature crisis. He is also a director of Sustainable South Hams.

Simon draws on his experience in analysing complex business systems to help communicate on the climate & nature crisis.

In recent years, Simon  worked on the cross-party Climate & Ecology Bill campaign, helping brief politicians on the science, before leaving to focus on this project.

“There is a better future available to us if we act rapidly on the climate and nature crisis, but our Government has its fingers in its ears. The progressive parties find it hard to co-operate, so we're taking the problem out of their hands.”