How to register to vote

The Government's new photo ID rules have made it harder to vote, particularly for young people. Here's what you need to do to make sure you can vote at the coming general election and help end 99 years of Conservative rule in South Devon.

1. Register to vote online

You'll need your National Insurance number. It takes 2 minutes.
Not sure you're registered? It's fine to register again, which just updates your details.
Online voting registration

2. Register for a postal vote

More and more people are doing this. It avoids the problems with ID, and with getting to a polling booth.
Step 1: print out and fill in the application form
Postal vote application form
Step 2: take a photo of the form and email it to your district council saying you'd like to apply for a postal vote. Find your local council.
Email Torbay CouncilEmail Teignbridge District council

Note for students living temporarily away from home

If where you live during term time is already likely to choose a non-Tory MP, please fill in your parents' address on the postal vote application form - so that you can vote here in Newton Abbot and make sure your vote isn't wasted. Find the constituency for your uni home here and find out which party is likely to win here. If you're voting here, we recommend you leave box 3 blank so that the form goes to your parents' house (and they can send it to you). That's because the election date is unknown and it might happen after you move flats.

Other (optional)

If you do want to vote in person and you don't have a driving licence or passport (or one of the many forms of IDs permitted for pensioners), apply for a special photo ID for voting.
Apply for photo ID